Monday, September 19, 2005


Praying through the elements of a worship service= A.C.T.S.

If God were oneof your aquaintences, what compliments could you pay Him? What's cool about God? What 7 things does God deserve in Revelation 7:12?

What is standing between you and your relationship[ with God?
Psalm 139:23-24


What has God done for you, through you, or given you lately- for which you need to give Him credit?
Psalm 136:1-3

Okay, let's pray- but remember J.O.Y. (Jesus, Others, then Yourself)
Why not follow this "HANDY" (see photo) outline?
Matthew 7:7

Friday, September 16, 2005

Cheerleading prayer request

I have one cheerleader who threw up at school today and went home sick- probably nerves about the pep rally.

I had another cheerleader who left the football game just before kickoff because of a family emergency- I'm assuming that her grandfather may have just passed away. He suffered an anurism a couple of weeks ago and has been in the hospital.

Please keep my cheer squad in your prayers,
Thank you

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St.John LYF, Charter Oak

St.John LYF, Charter Oak

Here is St. John's LYF website-

Visit for information on the National Gathering, the Des Moine Gathering, and a few pictures from last week's homecoming parade.

Please bookmark it to your favorites list so that you can check it at least once a month to see what's going on.

Please pass it on to other kids and parents who's email address you have.

And, please pray for our youth group and the youth of our congregation and community.

Pray for a revitalization of our LYF, with only 3 active members, a lot has got to give, fundraisers, service projects... there's a lot that we can't do anymore, at least not the same way.

And please pray for me, with 3 kids of our own, coaching 2 sports, taking on extra work like the school newsletter, school website, freelancing t-shirts and freelance work for the newspaper- I'm spread a little thin. And I'll be candid, I've had a lot of bumps and dips in my faith walk in the last year or two, so I need some prayer for my wrestling-match with God while we're at it.

Thank you thank you thank you.

In His hands,
Ted - 9/11 And The Sport of God

9/11 and the sport of God
by Bill Moyers

Terrorists plant time bombs in our heads, hoping to turn each and every imagination into a private hell governed by our fear of them.

They win only if we let them, only if we become like them: vengeful, imperious, intolerant, paranoid. Having lost faith in all else, zealots have nothing left but a holy cause to please a warrior God. They win if we become holy warriors, too; if we kill the innocent as they do; strike first at those who had not struck us; allow our leaders to use the fear of terrorism to make us afraid of the truth; cease to think and reason together, allowing others to tell what's in God's mind. Yes, we are vulnerable to terrorists, but only a shaken faith in ourselves can do us in.

So over the past four years I have kept reminding myself of not only the horror but the humanity that was revealed that day four years ago, when through the smoke and fire we glimpsed the heroism, compassion, and sacrifice of people who did the best of things in the worst of times. I keep telling myself that this beauty in us is real, that it makes life worthwhile and democracy work and that no terrorist can take it from us.

But I am not so sure. As a Christian realist I honor my inner skeptic. And as a journalist I always know the other side of the story.

+ Read the full article at - 9/11 And The Sport of God

Dear Jesus,

Heal our nation.

So many conservative christians clamor that we must confess and repent our sins of permitting abortion and homosexuality.

Our hearts convict us that they may be right, but some even accuse You of sending Katrina to punish New Orleans, and that is insane and perhaps even blasphemous.

We also need to confess and repent of our sins of indulgence, pride, gluttony, greed and soft middle-class complacency toward our brothers and sisters in poverty...

And yes, of racism

even if it is unconsious or subconscious or covert or mild or accidental or institutional rather than hot, acute, hateful and personal.

Forgive us, Lord

And move us by Your Spirit to reach out and help,
and to re-examine our hearts and become more sensitive

And please, Lord
Don't let Satan use these disasters to polarize us further and divide us deeper.

In Jesus' Name,

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Take Action: The Katrina Pledge: A commitment to build a new America

Take Action: The Katrina Pledge: A commitment to build a new America

"Speak out for those who cannot speak, for the rights of all the destitute" (Proverbs 31:8).

I guess I've let this blog lay fallow long enough. Yeah, I'll admit to doing a lot of wrestling with God lately, but the biggest reason was being away from internet access all summer.

Let's pray for our brothers and sisters in the Gulf region. Let us pray that racial tensions not be any more inflamed than they have been.

Friday, September 02, 2005

FEMA: Cash Sought To Help Hurricane Victims, Volunteers Should Not Self-Dispatch

Click HERE for a list of chairitable organizations and ways that you can help victims of hurricane Katrina.

FEMA: Cash Sought To Help Hurricane Victims, Volunteers Should Not Self-Dispatch

Click HERE for a list of chairitable organizations and ways that you can help victims of hurricane Katrina.