Who dat?! Captain's Vita

Dis here pirate grew up in the foothills and on the valley floor of the Sonoran Desert.

He studied at the feet of the consecrated sages of a renowned religious university on the Great Plains.

He was a journeyman at the first Lutheran secondary school west of the Rockie Mountains.

Currently he's dropped anchor in the midst  of amber waves of grain in the Loess Hills and rolling prairie of America's heartland.

Lets face it, the opinions and ideas included on this blog do NOT represent those of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, it's English District, Pacific/Southwest District, or Iowa-District West, either of the schools or any of the congregations mentioned above- they are the sole responsibility of "Pirate Ted," so please don't hang him for heresy, excommunicate him, or burn him at the stake as an apostate (see "Dolce Vita").