Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Admiral Establishing New Central Command Location

I'm not abandoning ship, but I've been wanting to streamline &/or consolidate all of my fleet of blogs for a while now, so I've started something new: http://tedmallory.wordpress.com

Please follow the link and take a look. I'm hoping to revitalize my blogging by making doing it more consistently and having each post be more brief and focused. I hope you'll like it and follow me at the new single blog site. Thanks. See you there.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Reflections and Thoughts: Worshipping a Differently-Abled Christ

Reflections and Thoughts: Worshipping a Differently-Abled Christ: Each Masters Senior at Princeton Theological Seminary is eligible to give the message during the weekday service. I gave my message on April...

Saturday, May 10, 2014

What do you have to do to please God?

Believe (see John 6:29)

God is so demanding! (Note sarcasm).

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Faith of a Criminal

I was reading the story of the crucifixion and noticed something I never have before. The thief on the cross beside Jesus in Luke 23:42 had more faith than Jesus own disciples.

Think about it. Peter, John, & Mary who came to the empty tomb all thought His body had been stolen until angels or Christ Himself tell them otherwise. 

But the thief expects Jesus victory over death. While they're both hanging there dying, he asks Jesus to "remember me when You enter into Your kingdom." That request presupposes that there's a kingdom, that Jesus is the king, and that in spite of the fact that He's in the process of being executed, He will STILL triumphantly enter said kingdom.

That, my friends is faith.

I for one am far more likely to deny Him three times like Peter. How about you?

Lord, grant us faith like a thief- that even as we suffer, we still trust that Yours is the victory. That even though we know we deserve death, we can be bold enough to ask You to remember us. Amen.