Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Metaphilosophy;" an atonal poem that doesn’t rhyme (semantic diarrhea)

Essentially, the essence of existence is existentialism, Or is it?
If there were no existentialist, would existentialism ever have existed, at least in essence?

Thesis---> Antithesis---> Synthesis
Hege--> Kierkegaard---> Sartre

So, does that mean that Hegel was right?

If so, then who was left? Hegel might accuse Sartre, but I think Søren was more progressive and concerned for social good. Sartre was more pessimistic, seeing the world as hopeless and people as alienated from themselves.

Maybe it’s an example of atrophy, things falling apart and unraveling: Control freak fascists giving way to bleeding hearts, giving way to just-give-up-and-why-even-


So now we have Sartre looking around and saying, “look at this shit- someone spewed toothpaste everywhere!”

Kierkegaard tries to spread around the tooth paste evenly so at least everyone has to deal with the same toothpaste, whereas Hegel is so pissed off that he’s demanding that everyone put their “God-smitten” toothpaste back in their freakin’ tubes!!!

Anyway, I think it’s pretty ironic that so many Hegelians are so afraid of Hume and Berkley that they end up practicing Nietchzeism- even though they decry Nietchze as an atheist and blame him for all our post-modern predicaments.

The same sorts laud John Stuart Mill but unwittingly exercise Darwinism more than any Darwinian would because they imagine he was a blithering blasphemist, when in fact he was quite devout.

In the end the Machiavellians win, which (ironically again) is a heinous sin. Irony of ironies is that we thinks that his tongue was in his cheek, satirizing the very vile vermin who’ve taken him so much to heart.

So Socrates asks Pascal “what if we’re not all being tricked by an evil genie after all?”

Descartes doubts there ever was a genie while Plato studies shadows on the wall.

Meanwhile Thomas Hobbes shakes Adam Smith’s hand, but it’s a short, brutish shake. John Locke clears the table, and Sartre is caught between being and nothingess, looking for an exit.

Alice B. Toklas: Gertrude? Gertrude? What is the answer? What is the answer?

Gertrude Stein (on her death bead): What was the question?

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