Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Gospel (actually Law) According to Dilbert

Recently, I've been reading a profound piece of theology, "The Dilbert Future" by cartoonist Scott Adams. Why does he see the future as bleak at best?

Immutable Laws of Human Nature
  • Stupidity
  • Selfishness
  • Horniness
Those are the things that will never change, no matter what else does. People don't change their basic nature, they just accumulate more stuff upon which they can apply their stupidity, selfishness, and horniness. From this perspective, the future isn't hard to predict.

This may sound either cynical or smart-alecky, but let's face it, this is what theologians call "original sin," and this is why we all need Jesus, because no matter who we are, where we come from or how good we try to be, we all suck.

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