Thursday, June 25, 2009

prayer for peace

So I said, "Wisdom is better than might; yet the poor man's wisdom is despised, and his words are not heeded." The quiet words of the wise are more to be heeded than the shouting of a ruler among fools. Wisdom is better than weapons of war, but one bungler destroys much good.

- Ecclesiastes 9:16-18

The followers of Christ have been called to peace. And they must not only have peace but also make it. To that end they renounce all violence and tumult. ... His disciples keep the peace by choosing to endure suffering rather than inflict it on others. They maintain fellowship where others would break it off. They renounce hatred and wrong. In so doing they overcome evil with good, and establish the peace of God in the midst of a world of war and hate.

- Dietrich Bonhoeffer,
The Cost of Discipleship

Redeemer of Israel and the nations, we pray for peace in the Middle East. Make friends of enemies, and may your loving spirit melt away all hatred and fear.

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