Saturday, August 22, 2009

Prayer of confession and contrition

Forgive me God, I realize that I lost my patience,
I said things that probably weren't very kind.
Sometimes I just get so jealous and territorial, if not down right competitive,
As if I even deserve what I'm competing for- what makes me so arrogant and proud?
How rude!
I was just being selfish,
I don't even know what the trigger was that made me so angry.
Why do I seem to always keep score, anyway?
What I should do is to protect the other guy's interests, to trust him
and to keep hoping he'll be okay and that things will turn out right for him.

Help me to be more like You, Jesus.
Help me to be more loving and to live out 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Instead, I was selfish,
instead of finding joy in others, I wanted to be left alone.
In stead of peace, I was irritable
Instead of being patient, I was frustrated
I demanded loyalty, but didn't offer any to others,
I was harsh and overly stern
It was like I was someone else, I completely lost control and became tactless.
Father, crucify my nature-
Help me to be reasonable and selfless
Grow the fruit of Your Spirit in me (Galatians 22-23).

Make me more like You
And forgive me for when I'm not,
don't let me have hurt anyone.

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