Monday, April 05, 2010


"Jesus models a new kind of authority, a servant-leadership that ministers to the members rather than waits to be served by them. He does what, in that culture, slaves did: He, the Lord, washes the feet of the community."
- Joan Chittister, from her book, 'The Liturgical Year'

Jesus is alive. Perhaps you've heard the slogan before that says, "He died for me, I will live for Him."

Not only is Jesus our Lord and savior, but the people who say He was a social revolutionary are right. He was. He touched the lepers, He ate with the sinners and tax collectors, He o throw stones at prostitutes, he sat and visited with Samaritans, He welcomed the little children, He washed his disciple's feet, and He suffered, died, and went to Hell in our place.

So throw out your hierarchies and forget about  your assumptions about power, prestige, and even authority. We are all equals, but the King of the universe is our example. He gave up everything to be a servant, to love and care for, and minister to others in need. 

Make us like You, Lord. Amen

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