Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We must all become prophets

"Today we are worshipping the gods of metal, the bomb. We are putting our trust in physical power, militarism, and nationalism. The bomb, not God, is our security and strength...We must all become prophets... We must all do something for peace. We must stop this insanity of worshipping the gods of metal. We must take a stand against evil and idolatry. This is our destiny at the most critical time of human history. But it's also the greatest opportunity ever offered to any group of people in the history of our world—to save our world from complete annihilation."
- Father George Zabelka
former Catholic Air Force Chaplin, speaking at a Pax Christi conference in August, 1985
What a great quote, right? It was part of Sojourner Magazine's Daily "Verse & Voice" email which I subscribe to. Everyday they have a Bible verse, an inspiring quote, and a brief prayer.

This one got me thinking about what idolatry is. Putting our trust, love, or fear into anything or anyone other than God. That's pretty much what it means to have other gods.

I saw a Bible study  advertised at a church recently that made me apprehensive. It offered a series of video presentations on the differences between God's values and philosophies as opposed to the worlds'.

My thinking is that God wants us to value people and relationships rather than material wealth or possessions. I assume that God thinks of success as bearing the Fruit of the Spirit rather than having a great career or influence or authority. I'm pretty sure that God wants us to trust Him rather than armies, policies, missiles or a defense budget to keep us safe.

But how much do you want to bet that this class is about wedge issues like homosexuality and reproductive rights? Maybe with some creationism and school-prayer thrown in for good measure?

Bottom line, God- not our philosophy or world view, God- not our political party affiliation, God- not absolutism and avoiding relativism, God- not our nationality or traditional values or way of life, God is God, and we are not. Even more than pacifism or disarmament, that is at the core of what Father Zabekla was saying in this quote.

We must constantly come to Him and ask Him to help us keep Him and no-one and nothing else on His throne in our hearts. And once we do, we must all remind each other to do so too- THAT is what it means to be a prophet. Because many, MANY of our fellow Christians only think they are worshiping Christ, when really they are worshiping Christianity- or better put, "Christianism."

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