Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Abbey Nous

Abbey Nous

Abbey Nous: "Exploring a spirituality based on the Lord's prayer. 'Praying the Pattern, the Lord's prayer as framework for prayer and life' gave perspectives on the Lord's prayer and examples to encourage the prayer to be used as a fuller part of our spiritual lives. This blog is for friends and waysharers following Lord's prayer paradigms in their spiritual journeying."

This is a British blogger who linked to one of my posts about the Lord's Prayer.-

A model prayer

I love the attempt to do this and I generally like the way they've gone about it: it's always good to see people attempting to take the Disciples' prayer seriously as a way of praying more generally.
How to use it as a pattern to follow when praying for others

I'd want to ask a few questions to reflect a bit further on how we do this... it's a great wrestling with using the prayer.
Prophet, Priest and Pirate... ARGH!!!: Praying the Lord's Prayer FOR SOMEONE ELSE

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