Friday, March 13, 2009

No line on the horizon, full of grace

I really like U2's new album, even though it seems like all the pop radio morning drive time DJs think that it's not as BIG of a hit as their past work. Maybe that's okay, maybe U2 has mellowed with age and so have I. Whatever. I think it's great, and here's at least one positive review:

U2’s Sacred Pilgrimage: ‘I Found Grace, It’s All That I Found’

by Cathleen Falsani 03-06-2009

As he has for years, but not as explicitly so since 1991’s “Achtung Baby,” Bono, the band’s chief lyricist, has laced No Line on the Horizon with the language and images of his humble Christian faith.

The result, however, is a work of gospel music — “gospel” in its literal sense as “good news” — for people of all faiths and none. The ecstatic language and imagery Bono evokes throughout could have been penned by the Hebrew King David or Sufi Muslim poets Rumi or Hafez, as much as by a latter-day Christ-follower from Dublin.

One of the most eloquent examples is “Moment of Surrender,” which says in part:

My body’s now a begging bowl
That’s begging to get back
Begging to get back to my heart
To the rhythm of my soul
To the rhythm of my unconsciousness
To the rhythm that yearns
To be released from control

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