Monday, March 23, 2009

Rush to judgement

What's wrong with Rush Limbaugh? How about James Chapter 3.

He's been involved with under-aged prostitutes on sex tours in the Caribbean, and of course the illegal procurement of prescription pain killers he's addicted to. For me, that disqualifies him from being the voice of the religious-right and "traditional values," morality etc.

He's a businessman, he gets people riled and emotional about issues to boost his own ratings to make money. He's entertaining and opinionated- nothing wrong with either of those, but people confuse him with a legitimate, objective news source. That can be misleading.

Ah, then there's whether he has the best interest of the nation in mind, or his own; Back during the primaries he organized listeners to re-register as Democrats and vote for Clinton and protest Obama rallies in hopes that she would be the Democratic nominee because he reasoned that she would be easier to beat than Obam in the general election. Sounds a lot like voter fraud to me.

Then there was the time he played the "Barrack the Magic Negro" song on his show. Racism? I'm just reporting, YOU decide.

The latest fiasco was when he said to a group of Republicans that he was wishing Obama failed. I'll stipulate that what he meant was that he opposed many of the President's positions and policies, and that it's natural for a partisan to want voters to have cause to choose their candidates in the next election- but the broad interpretation of much of the general public was that he rooting for things to get worse. Millions losing their homes and jobs and he hopes WE as a country (although he named Obama) fail?

When the Chairman of the RNC, Micheal Steele (an African American) denounced Rush's comments, reminding people that he, not Limbaugh is the genuine leader of the Republican party (silly man, why would he assume such a thing? Because it's his office?). He said that Rush's show is often an "incendiary" and even "ugly" form of entertainment.

The very next day, under pressure from party leaders he withdrew his comments and apologized to Rush. Smooch, smooch.

Now, I know I'm "liberal" and therefore biased. And I know that it's up to God to judge, I have no real right to because I'm chief among sinners. But if you asked me what I thought was wrong with Rush, I'd probably say that he exhibits AND promotes "hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like (Galatians 5:20)."

But this is just my opinion.

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