Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ideas for Lent; Take it with you

Here's a simple and creative way to hide God's Word in your heart. Some people buy business card sized cards with Bible verses written on them that they can carry with them in their purse or wallet and read, memorize and recite the verse during their personal time with God, when they feel they need the promise God gives in that particular verse, or whenever they have time throughout the day.

You can update this practice by putting those Bible verses you want to have available, or perhaps are hoping to try to memorize on your ipod! You heard right. Write, or copy-and-paste a prayer, hymn, creed or Scripture passage into a text document. Not Word or Works, just simple Notepad, saved as a ".txt" file.

If you choose to be able to "manually manage" you're 5th generation ipod Nano, rather than just letting itunes automatically synch your mp3 player, you should be able to open it as a portable USB file drive in the "My Computer" section of your PC. (I'm not sure how it would work on a Mac). Then, simply drag whichever text files you want to be able to view on your ipod. Then when you turn on your ipod, navigate to the "Extras" menu and look for "Notes."

This is great if you're want to be discreet, like if you don't want to carry a big hardcover Bible around school or the gym. You can read or recite a prayer or Bible verse and people around you will just assume that you're just playing with your ipod.

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