Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Fwd: Is it November 3 yet?

I know I should take this pledge too, it's just so hard for me to remain civil in the face of blatant propaganda, lies and/or ridiculous levels of stupidity. I am asking God to help me to just delete and not reply to such emails from now on though. And I sure's hell will only hit "reply" and never, ever "reply all" if and when I do fall off the wagon and give in to the urge to "straighten out" somebody's mistaken thinking or flawed logic.

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Date: Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 12:00 PM
Subject: Is it November 3 yet?

Dear Ted,

Because name calling is so 2009 ...

Truth and Civility Marshal Badge

Are you ready? Like it or not, election season is upon us with its requisite yard signs, campaign promises, attack ads, and more people lobbying you in public places and knocking on your door than when it's Girl Scout cookie time (btw, we love those cookies).

Did you know that Sojourners doesn't support any candidates during election season? Our motto is "no permanent friends, no permanent enemies, only permanent issues" -- and, trust us, there will be plenty of issues waiting for us on the other side of Election Day.

Frankly, we'd like to take a vacation until November 3, but since that isn't an option, we came up with a game plan to survive the season of mud-slinging: our first-ever Truth and Civility Election Watch!

Want to join us? Sign our TCEW Pledge, print off our fun deputy badge, and get started.

Truth and Civility Election Watch Pledge

For the duration of the election season, I hereby pledge to uphold the highest standards of truth and civility in word, thought, and deed.

On my honor, I will:

•    Just say no to crazy email forwards, and to any other noxious electronic communication that comes my way. Everyone in your address book will thank us. We promise.

•    Communicate in a spirit of truth, humility, love, and patience with all people I come in contact with, despite our political disagreements or family relationship. That goes for Uncle Frank. Especially Uncle Frank.

•    Question any and all statements that sound mean, vindictive, or absurd; that provide no source or context; or that are politically motivated. So, pretty much everything you hear on cable TV news.

•    Share and enjoy stories of folks who are living out an attitude of truth and civility. Make sure each story meets both requirements: Nice people telling lies don't count.

•    As a witness for God, encourage and spread a message of hope and reconciliation to a world that is deeply divided by political and cultural differences. Like Jesus taught.

In the coming weeks we'll highlight civil discourse and actions on our blog, compile our very own Truth and Civility Honor Roll with submissions from people like you, and call the news media to account when they give airtime or ink to uncivil or untruthful dialogue.

Tired of the hateful rants, lying, and deceptive rhetoric? Don't suffer in silence -- join the Truth and Civility Election Watch today!

Here's to a rousing invigoration of truth and civility. Oh, and don't forget to vote -- it is still important.


Tim, Jim, Elizabeth, and the rest of the team at Sojourners

P.S. Want to take your commitment to Truth and Civility more seriously? Check out our full-length Civility Covenant, which outlines scriptural teachings on the topic -- perfect for teaching at your next Sunday School or small group.

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