Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weird reminders

Since no high school students ever come to Bible Study anymore, and our Pastor invited them to his anyway- I've just started to let my wife and girls get in the shower first and enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee while they're at Sunday School . 

This morning I remembered that I had to usher and that the choir was singing. Usually my wife comes home for some coffee after she's done leading the opening music for Sunday School. Today she didn't, finally she called me as asked if I needed a ride or if I was planning on coming to choir practice on my own.

Ordinarily I try to be pretty rational, non-superstitious and assume that if/when God is going to speak to me it will be either through His Word or preaching on His Word. But as theologically conservative and as much of a level-headed Lutheran ad I like to be- I certainly think He's capable of having a sense of humor.

Anyway, when I got in, there was a fortune cookie from the Chinese restaurant I took my girls to for lunch the day before. As I stuck the key in the ignition I absent-mindedly cracked it open. 

"You have a deep appreciation of the arts and music"  it read. Including contemporary praise music, I thought with guilt about being late. It's only a few blocks, but I switched on the radio to hear David Bowie chanting the chorus of his song, "Modern love gets me to the church on time..."

Maybe coincidence, maybe light-hearted encouragement to someone who wanted to go back to bed.

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