Sunday, June 19, 2011

For everyone else

Today, remember to pray for all those who lost their dads-
For many, today is a painful reminder that their fathers were taken from them prematurely.

Today, remember to pray for all those who haven't had a dad-
For many, today is a painful reminder of what they don't have, circumstances or decisions of their parents left them without a male parent.

Today, remember to pray for all those who struggle with only the painful memories or strained relationships of an all too human and imperfect dad.
For many, this is a difficult day because of the hurt they face when they remember their dad.

Pray for forgiveness and reconciliation and healing and consolation

Pray that those gaping holes may be filled
with the only perfect Father, "Our Father" God and His love and understanding
and with whatever other make-shift, though still imperfect relationships,
that God may use to help them be more whole

1 comment:

  1. I know my dad turned 80 this year and its hard to get to see him since we live states away. I know a lot of people who's fathers passed away this year- some just this week. And over 20 years of teaching & coaching, I've seen way too many kids who either never knew their dads or frankly, wish they didn't. No question good dads are important or it wouldn't hurt so much when you don't have one. So whoever you are, whether you're blessed with a great dad or cursed with a sucky one- or are missing one, please pray today for everyone else who misses or missed out on a loving dad. And remember that we all share a loving Heavenly Father who'll never leave us or forsake us.