Thursday, November 27, 2008

Making sense of the meaning of life

I was crammed into a middle seat. The guy in front was practically in my lap, and I had my arms drawn in tightly as I pecked furiously on the keyboard. God glanced over. ''What are you working on?'' He asked.

''A column,'' I said. ``About you, in fact.''

He lifted an eyebrow. ``Oh? What did I do now?''...

The captain announced that we were about to land. We were asked to shut down and stow our electrical equipment. The guy in front returned his seat to its full upright and locked position. The baby kept squalling. Moments later, the plane touched the tarmac. It had been an awful flight, and I was glad to be home.

''Thank God,'' I whispered.

''You're welcome,'' He said.

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Leonard Pitts Jr. is a new columnist at the Miami Herald and I really thought he did a great job on this one that ran in today's Sioux City Journal.

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