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Greeting in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

The Fall is quickly coming upon us and with it the Iowa District West Junior
Youth Gathering at the Des Moines Marriott this October 13-14. This year we
engage the topic of Baptism with the theme "Clothing by Christ." We have
great speakers lined up for this Gathering as well as some new exciting
entertainment with the Fitz Family.

This year the Gathering is coming a bit earlier than other years and with it
an earlier registration deadline (which is September 5th). I encourage every
congregation to make sure that if you haven't already distributed the forms
and information, please do so now and make sure that it gets mailed along
with your registration deposit by September 5th.

Having hundreds of 6th, 7th, and 8th Graders come together is an exciting
experience and we on the Gathering Committee are working hard to make your
experience this year better than ever.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Junior Youth Gathering,
please feel free to contact me at 515-967-3349 (my church number) and I will
make sure that I or someone from our committee responds promptly.

I look forward to seeing your youth and counselors this October!

In Christ,

Pastor John Schonkaes
Dean of the Junior Youth Gathering

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