Sunday, September 16, 2007

What's this blogger look like, anyway?

Argh! Lots n' ye has been wonderin' what ol' 'Pirate Ted' be lookin' like. Well, ifin' ye didn't see me in my cameo role in the big Simpson's movie this summer (because it wound up on the cutting room floor) HERE be a recent mug-shot.

Weekends; Open invitation

I generally try to observe the separation of Church and State, unlike a lot of Christians, I think it's actually a pretty good idea. Be that as it may, I do want to offer a standing open invitation to anyone who ever wants to come check out the high school Bible study that I lead every Sunday morning at 9 in the basement kitchen at St John Lutheran Church in Charter Oak.

Click here to see the kind of things we cover.

If you're nervous or shy or embarrassed or whatever, don't be. There's no obligations whatsoever. you don't HAVE to stay for church, upstairs at 10, to bring any money for an offering, or even to come back if you decide you don't like it. But of course, you are certainly more than welcome to stay for church, or to join our LYF if you want to for that matter.

Just follow HWY L51 into Charter Oak, you can park by the back and come in through the back door on the North West corner, keep coming through the room with the refrigerator, water heater and trash cans and I'll be there to your left at the end of the kitchen table. Of course, if you live IN Charter Oak, scratch that whole part about highway L51.

Right now we're studying Jesus' Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7. In October we'll start on how to think positive and try to fight off depression with Paul's letter to the Philippians.

Everyone is always welcome, but I'll never try to force my beliefs on you in school, but I'm always here if you need someone to pray for you about something.

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