Monday, November 15, 2010

THANKS | 15- for lazy weekends

I actually wrote this yesterday (I'm trying to get a day or two ahead since you never know when you'll have time to write). Last night (Friday) was the first real snow storm of the year. We had a good 3 inches at least. It may have been as much as 6 but it was damp and heavy and the ground is still warm, so much of it probably melted.

It left our town looking bright and clean and quiet. For once we didn't have any obligations or anywhere to go or to be, so we actually enjoyed being home. Sure, the kids were up at the crack of dawn, but they wanted to play outside- which left my love an me to sit and read and occasionally snooze. There was toast and coffee in the morning and warmed up home made potato soup from the night before for lunch. The power went in and out a few times because of heavy snow on the lines but, thankfully, it came back on and the heater kept our hundred year old prairie salt-box house on Fourth street cozy and safe.

There's something about morning light, diffused and reflected by new fallen snow, filtered through white cotton curtains that is about as beautiful as anything can be.

I read one of my favorite authors and now I'm enjoying one of my favorite things, writing- all the time in the company of my favorite person, my wife.

The girls have come in to warm up and have quieted down. They've found a Harry Potter movie on TV and are chatting about snow and sledding and snowmen and the upcoming holidays and what Santa may bring. After a while I'll  pick up in the kitchen and start something for supper, but what a blessing to have a day where we've been able to take everything at our own pace. No deadlines, no work. Pax Familia.

It may be rare and when the weekend ends (today, Monday, Nov. 15) will have us back at the grind stone with pressures and schedules and students with demands and administrators with assignments, but for now (two days ago) I want to thank God for this sweet, dreamy Saturday.

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