Wednesday, November 17, 2010

THANKS 17 | Legal mood altering drugs

While the official family feast is still about 2 weeks away, I think it is very important to thank God for tryptophan. That's that wonderful enzyme found in turkey that makes you want to take a nap.

This might seem sarcastic or silly or glib, but I mean come on, if any middle class, middle aged, middle-of-the-road American male were honest with themselves, they'd say that one of the best parts of Thanksgiving is falling asleep during the Lions' game after that wonderful turkey dinner.

This sentiment may be self indulgent and uncharacteristically shallow and un-liberal and un-profoundly idealistic for this blog, but let's face it, isn't this the very embodiment of blessings and contentment? So let's thank God for affording us the ability to indulge in it...

Come to think of it, thank God for the hippuric acid that give cranberries so much zing, not to mention the protein, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, polyunsaturated fat and beta-carotene that make pumpkin pie so unique and unlike any other lame cobbler cake, pudding or bars.

Mmmmm. I can hardly weight- uh, I mean wait.

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