Saturday, November 06, 2010

THANX | 06- What are you listening to?

"I watch a lot of baseball on the radio." ~Gerald R. Ford

Yesterday I thanked God for blogging and the Web. One of the simple conveniences of the 20th & 20th Century that I absolutely love and believe it or not, thank God for all the time is radio. I can have music, sports, news, and conversation all day long pretty much for free.

I'm reminded of this the most during NPR fund drives. They do make me feel guilty and I suppose that one of these years I should really not just thank God, but also support my local NPR station financially.

But seriously. Every car comes with a radio. Most of us have radios in our kitchens and bathrooms. Here in the Midwest, they're indispensable for knowing about the weather- storm warnings, road conditions, school closings and game cancellations may now be available by text and email- but most of us still turn to local radio first.

So take a second and thank God for radio.

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